All the charm and romance of the English countryside at Byfield House in Painswick

Byfield House is one of those special places that tugs at my heartstrings. We’ve visited twice now with our daughter and I’m quite sure it will pull me back again someday.

This incredible bed and breakfast in Painswick is 400 years old, rich in history and beautifully decorated with antiques that owners Jill and Brett have collected over the years. With my family’s style being what it is, I always feel right at home. I could happily spend a whole weekend just admiring the decor and the amazing paintings that line the walls or wandering around their stunning English country garden.

And what lies right on the doorstep is equally as beautiful. The winding streets of Painswick are picture perfect, and Jill and Brett also showed us a lovely walk down into the valley, following a footpath that leads through pastures, along streams, and through some of the local’s gardens. The scenery is stunning! Stroud’s Farmer’s Market not far away is also well worth a visit. Even without a car, you can get there easily from London and Jill and Brett can arrange to pick you up, as they did for us.

The best part of stay at Byfield House though is Jill and Brett themselves. They treat you like old friends and are great fun to talk to. We’ve loved coming in from a day’s outing and later joining them by the fire for a glass of wine in their lovely sitting room. With little ones asleep just upstairs it’s so nice to have grown-up time too – especially in such beautiful surroundings.

Images by Leigh Metcalf

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