Cherry blossom, unicorns and swathes of bluebells at Adlington Hall

It’s not often you stumble upon a hidden gem right on your doorstep. But tucked away on a little country road, almost secluded and shaded from modern life, is just where you can find Adlington Hall.

A country house sat in 160 acres of park and woodland it is unlike most buildings that hold such grandeur. Unassuming, I’ve passed it many times on my travels. But step through the gates to this noble and historic hall and you will be transported back in time.

The Legh family have lived in the Hall and on site since the 14th century.  The unicorns are an emblem to them and are well worth seeking out.

From the Georgian manor to the Tudor house, everything about Adlington Hall and the surrounding grounds leaves you shaking off the fast paced, hectic world behind you.  Life literally slows down. Opening your imagination and soothing the senses, it’s a place to get lost in (if not in the maze) for a couple of hours.

We went in search of the bluebells that fill the ancient woodland.  A carpet of blue, the smell was divine. We left with a better sense of well-being though I’m sure we didn’t see it all.

Adlington Hall is open most Sundays from now until September from 2pm-5pm

Images by Nina Nixon

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This was kindly shared by Nina Nixon – a passionate, wellie-wearing photographer, wanderer of forests, collector of sticks, self-confessed whittler, campfire maker in training and marshmallow roaster. Gathering life’s precious moments. It’s all in the detail.