A collection of great goods with awesome stories at Alfie’s Studio in Marsden

Tucked away in the Colne Valley lies the pretty Yorkshire village of Marsden. With a thriving arts scene, a Sculpture Trail and a renowned Jazz Festival, the village is also a popular destination for walkers and ramblers stopping for a well earned rest at one of several charming tearooms or country pubs. The bustling main street has now the added attraction of independent store Alfie’s Studio, run by artist Nicole Clarke alongside her husband Alan.

Taking inspiration from the landscape around them and a will to live a more considered life, the message behind all the products Alfie’s Studio sells is simple – a collection of great goods with awesome stories. Although the store is tiny, it is packed full of houseplants, beeswax candles, woolen blankets woven individually on the loom, jewellery made from reclaimed vintage china and books from the Do Publishing Co. as well as Nicole’s own designs of cards and stationery.

Nicole is keen to work with other artists and makers and often collaborates on products she knows will fit with their ethos too, so you will find mini glass terrariums made exclusively by the Glass Gardener and minimalist wallet and tool rolls made by Harper Leather. Sitting happily alongside these products are houseplants chosen mainly for the air cleansing properties, many grown by Nicole and Alan as part of their Outdoors-In project – a fusion of a love of green and being green.

I am passionate about filling my home with greenery and was in heaven with the selection of beautiful houseplants on offer and would have happily bought them all. Thankfully Nicole and Alan are on hand to help with advice on how to look after your plants and tips to keep them healthy all year long. I left with several plants, beeswax candles and a mini glasshouse terrarium all of which take pride of place on my mantelpiece. With their considered products, Alfie’s Studio help make a house a home.

Images by Jen Chillingsworth

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This was kindly shared by Jen Chillingsworth. Originally from Glasgow, Jen has lived in Yorkshire for nearly twenty years and considers herself an ‘honorary Yorkshirewoman’. You can read all about her family adventures over on her blog Little Birdie.