Wonderful food, wares and live music at Altrincham Market

Early one Sunday morning we decided to take ourselves out of our usual weekend routine and head to Altrincham Market. We’d heard many delightful whisperings about this place; a true hidden gem nestled in the centre of the town.

Entering via the main steps, up into the old building dating back to 1290, we were greeted with a delectable sight. The outer of the building is lined with the most delicious offerings imaginable. From ‘proper’ fresh hot chocolate, real pies and hand thrown stone-baked pizza, our mouths watered as our nostrils were hit with the smell. And in the centre of it all are rows of pine scrubbed tables and a comfortable jumble of chairs.

Grab yourself a table and make yourself cosy. Take in all the delights on offer. A good old fashioned bacon sandwich was our choice, pulling us in and tickling our tastebuds that early Sunday morning. We watched the runners and the world pass us by.

Beyond the eating area is the market where you can find all sorts of wares.  More food, trinkets and vintage wonders. Even a spot of live music to brighten up your visit.

The building is a Victorian beauty, a testament of the past but reinvented for the new. Even if you are just passing, stop for a moment and admire the innovative way it’s been reinvented, blending in with the modern way of life.

Photographs by Nina Nixon

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This was kindly shared by Nina Nixon – a passionate, wellie-wearing photographer, wanderer of forests, collector of sticks, self-confessed whittler, campfire maker in training and marshmallow roaster. Gathering life’s precious moments. It’s all in the detail.