Everyday sunshine at Bobo Flower & Garden Shop in St Leonards-On-Sea

As you may have noticed, spring is only just arriving; the blossom is finally in full bloom and there’s only a month until summer. It seems as though we’ve had the longest, darkest winter ever. So to cheer my soul and yours I thought I would share one of my favourite places for all year round.

At Bobo Flower and Garden Shop, come rain or shine, I know I will be greeted by the lovely Marcie, surrounded by her selection of seasonal blooms and greenery; cut flowers, potted plants, boughs and twigs of pussy willow, blossom and lilacs. I love the organic feel of the tiny shop, as if you could just nestle down in amongst the flowers and plants and stay a while.

Arranged in pots, jars, bottles and vases, with antique pictures and garden tools leaning here and there, I love Marcie’s eye for display. With everything from seeds to branches, it really is the best place locally to buy something living to take home and enjoy, and it’s only a few minutes walk to the seaside or lovely vintage shops in the nearby Normans and Kings Roads.

I am also proud to add that we have three cacti from Bobo that have survived a whole year. I am generally a plant killer, so this gives me high hopes now we are garden owners!

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