Retro, rare and quirky finds at Keep it Vintage in Hove

Keep It Vintage was started in 2012 by Simone, who is just the sweetest and most knowledgeable lady. Her aim is to help customers find little pieces of history – beautiful, unique objects that are hard to come by – from beautiful Danish ceramics, original mid-century furniture to Polish hand-carved wooden spoons.

Everything in the shop is carefully selected and Simone’s passion for each and every piece is obvious. It’s fascinating talking to her and hearing a little bit of the history or workmanship behind her finds.

I just love the relaxed vibe in this small shop and although everything is clearly displayed, there are so many things that are easy to miss at first glance so it’s worth mooching for a while. It’s an uncluttered and beautiful treasure trove.

Images by Rida Suleri-Johnson

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