A woodland walk to a picnic by the sea at Lundy Hole near Polzeath

Lundy Hole is one of those rare, almost mystical valleys in Cornwall, where a small patch of precious woodland cascades down towards the sea. I love the intimacy of the meandering, shaded pathways and the sense of adventure as you catch glimpses of the glistening turquoise sea through the trees which hug the rocky cove.

On a Sunday in the summer this is where you’ll find us, usually with a friend or two in tow, and of course my three children and our Labrador Monty. Bumbling down wooded tracks with cool boxes, the children’s fishing nets, blankets and the Sunday papers, the children skip along chasing butterflies and climbing trees while Monty is in his element, charging ahead with the scent of the sea in his nostrils.

Arriving at a patch of grass bathed in sunshine, we begin to unpack. From here we can watch as the children investigate rock pools and scamper along the shoreline, building their appetites. Summer salads with fragrant herbs and edible flowers are laid out alongside dishes of mackerel, grilled artichokes and heritage tomatoes; tubs filled with strawberries, raspberries, peaches and plump cherries; perfect sunshine sustenance.

This is my little piece of heaven. My happiest memories from childhood are doing just this – the joy of a summer picnic in your own special spot is something passed almost entirely unchanged from generation to generation.

Image courtesy of lets.book on Flickr

About the Author

This lovely thing to do in Cornwall was kindly shared by guest contributor Emily Scott. Emily lives with her young family near Port Isaac in North Cornwall, where her new Supply Store is a well-loved enclave of simple, elegant cooking.