Coffee, chaos and wall watching at Marwood coffee shop in Brighton

This mecca of eclecticism comes in the guise of a coffee shop and can be found in the centre of beautiful Brighton. Marwood  fulfills your necessary Brighton people watching quota and introduces the pleasure of wall watching: it’s stuffed to the rafters with odd and interesting exhibits and creative collections.

Kids love it too; they don’t need colouring sets here, as the walls offer more than enough to keep them busy in thought. I defy anyone not to find something that raises the corners of their mouth or eyebrow in this enchanting place. If the decoration and the witty written comments aren’t enough, there are serious cups of coffee on offer too – not forgetting an ever changing menu with an excellent selection of cakes. It’s popular as you might imagine and a little chaotic, but I think the chaos just adds to the beauty of the place.

Images courtesy of Marwood

About the Author

This lovely thing to do was kindly shared by Vivienne Ridley, a secondhand snooper, earl grey drinker and professional people watcher. A jeweller by trade and a blogger by nature, she has a passion for damn fine design in all forms.