A happy mix of hairdos and stylish threads at Milo’s barber shop and boutique in Brighton

On my well-worn route to the centre of Brighton I pass a little gem I’ve frequented for a while now. The brainchild of partners in life Milo and Emma, it goes by the name of Milo’s and is a barber shop, hairdressers, clothing and accessories boutique rolled into one. A strange mix you might think, but it really does work and I wonder why you don’t see it more often.

The interior houses a happy mix of well-selected pieces alongside old school barber’s chairs and vintage shop fittings. My whole family refuse to go anywhere other than Milo’s for their hairdos. Milo takes the time to make my nine-year-old’s hair desires come true while Emma encourages my little girl to happily chat away. These things make a difference and this pair are good at recognising that.

The growing selection of clothing, shoes and bags is well thought out with the emphasis on stylish classics. Labels for both men and women include Merc, John Smedley and Armor Lux for the perfect Breton shirt. There’s no pushy sales talk, just an obvious love and passion for what they do and the desire to do it well.

Image courtesy of Milo’s

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This lovely thing to do was kindly shared by Vivienne Ridley, a secondhand snooper, earl grey drinker and professional people watcher. A jeweller by trade and a blogger by nature, she has a passion for damn fine design in all forms.