Taking a seat on the mosiac sheep on Overton Hill

Like many children, mine aren’t often overly keen on going for a walk, especially uphill, but there’s one hill they love to climb thanks to the rather peculiar promise of five mosiac covered sheep en route. These are the ‘sheep seats’ on Overton Hill, a permanent reminder of the village’s traditional sheep fair held every four years. Google van Bobalot, Doris, Heather, Baatholemew and Captain ram, as they are known, were created  by the villagers who all did their bit of tile cutting and sticking.

If you want to see them for yourself, head to the car park at Overton Hill on the Basingstoke Road. With your back to the road, take the path through the park and bear right up the hill through the houses. Cross the road and keep heading up the hill. The path then diverges and you can either go straight up the hill, or meander on the paths, passing all the seats, and deciding which is your favourite. There’s a great view from the top, and from there, you can strike off into the more rural surrounding of Overton. However, if you are not in the mood for more strenuous activity, or are accompanied by small children, there are plenty of grassed areas perfect for picnicking and running around in.

Back at the bottom of the hill, the park is well worth a look in. There’s a great pirate ship, a climbing log and a fab spinning swing and a fenced area for toddlers. Finish up by meandering into the village for a slice of Overton apple cake at the lovely Overton Gallery.

Photo courtesy of Jonnee on Flickr

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