Calm, coffee and table doodling at Mr Wolfe coffee shop in Brighton

Here in Brighton, a little off the beaten track (but not too far), I have a little treasure to share. This coffee establishment, going by the name of Mr Wolfe, is small but ever so perfectly formed. The exterior, interior and graphics along with the cakes are a design triumph. Cool and simple. Even the website is worth a look.

The coffee (Monmouth organic espresso no less) is made with loving care and the environment is calm and relaxed. Chalk board tables aren’t just intended for little customers but for the grown up doodlers among us too. So if you love to take a side step towards a slightly slower paced coffee break I can think of no better place in this city I now call home. But shhhh, don’t tell everyone, I still want to be able to get a seat!

Images courtesy of Mr Wolfe

About the Author

This lovely thing to do was kindly shared by Vivienne Ridley, a secondhand snooper, earl grey drinker and professional people watcher. A jeweller by trade and a blogger by nature, she has a passion for damn fine design in all forms.