A rainbow of salads at Petit Fi cafe in Hastings Old Town

Always on the lookout for new places to find something yummy to eat, I was already smitten just seeing the outside of Petit Fi in Hastings Old Town. Nestled between a pretty jewellery boutique and a toy shop, Petit Fi is beautifully painted a chalky powder green, and decorated with an assortment of greenery in pots and planters. Glittering chandeliers, rustic tables and mismatched chairs welcome you in and friendly staff will guide you through the day’s menu.

Colourful fresh salads, piled high on pretty plates, beautiful floppy blooms on all the tables, freshly baked cakes with layers of berries and frosting. Wanting to stay a while inside this pretty cafe, my friend and I ordered salads of fig, beetroot, walnut and goats cheese, with seasoned butternut squash and leeks on the side, and then a hefty slice of courgette and lime cake to share (be sure to try this) and two hot chocolates for dessert. The combination of such lovely decor and delicious food has left me impatient to get back there and take my husband next time!

Images by Jeska Hearne

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