Seriously good coffee in the country at Prema Arts Cafe in Uley

When I moved from the city to the country last year, a decent cup of coffee was one of the things that I missed the most. So much so that I almost jumped for joy when I discovered Prema Arts Cafe. Housed in an old stone chapel in the beautiful village of Uley, the cafe is part of a family-friendly arts centre.

Much to my delight they take their coffee seriously here, and it’s seriously good! There’s also a fabulous range of tempting homemade cakes – pistachio and cardamom shortbread, sticky marmalade flapjack, light-as-a-feather feta muffins, as well as my children’s favourite foot-shaped biscuits.

The shutters of the large chapel windows are thrown open to let the light stream in, and for those who have the luxury of settling down for a while, the sofas are commodious, the newspapers are always on hand and the wi-fi is free!

In the summer, we love to sit in the small garden, sipping our coffees whilst the children play, and in the winter they are kept occupied by a toy train table.

Images by Laura Pashby 


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