An abundance of fresh produce, music and chatter at Rode Hall farmers’ market in Scholar Green

There’s nothing more soothing than a mooch around a farmers’ market, basket in hand, chatting to local suppliers and sampling their wares. This time of year is perfect for such an outing: stalls are weighed down with gorgeous fresh produce with stallholders eager to share the fruits of all their hard work.

On the first Saturday of every month (except January) Rode Hall holds a farmers market to rival the best; a celebration of all that is local in the produce world.

I hadn’t prepared myself for how busy it would be; the air buzzing with chatter, laughter and music; the local ukulele group strumming out their finest tunes.

I’ve never come across a shy stall holder. They’re so easy to engage in conversation, proud to tell you the process of how it all comes together. As a keen grower and maker I always love having these chats with them and learning a thing or two.

From crafts to cheese, beer to bread, marshmallows and mushrooms, the market has it all. And by the time we left my basket was brimming with an assortment of spoils, our tummies full of happiness.

Images by Nina Nixon

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This was kindly shared by Nina Nixon – a passionate, wellie-wearing photographer, wanderer of forests, collector of sticks, self-confessed whittler, campfire maker in training and marshmallow roaster. Gathering life’s precious moments. It’s all in the detail.