Seaside treats and a nostalgic ride on Scarborough’s historic Central Tramway

There isn’t much you can do for under a pound on a day out with the kids. In the summer holidays our day trips to the seaside are a constant negotiation of pricy theme parks, fairground rides, snacks and garish souvenirs, but one trip the whole family enjoys is happily under a pound.

The Central Tramway in Scarborough is in the midst of all the beach activity and arcades of Marine Drive close by the impressive Grand Hotel, and takes you up to the streets of the town. Recently renovated, this nostalgic ride always makes me think of  Scarborough’s Victorian heritage and a simpler time, when the pace of life was much slower.

After a fish and chip lunch on the sea front, Noah (4) loves buying an ice cream at the bottom station and taking the ride up the steep cliff. As the doors close and the tram makes its ascent up the steep tracks to the top station he loves watching the other tram descend and wondering, excitedly, if the two trams will collide.

I love the fact that it’s just 75p a ride and once at the top we can enjoy a cup of tea in the Parlour Tea Room Café and one of the best views of the North Yorkshire coast, looking out over the lighthouse and harbour of Scarborough’s South Bay.

Images by Amy Bartle

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