Seasonal, foraged and home-grown food at The Shed in Notting Hill

The Shed is a rustic family-run restaurant in Notting Hill. It’s owned by the Gladwin brothers – three siblings who grew up on a vineyeard and farm in West Sussex. The Shed specialises in British small plates using seasonal ingredients grown, reared or foraged from the family farm.

The ramshackle restaurant does have the look of a shed – but a Pinterest-worthy dream-shed (not a cobwebby shack where the lawnmower lives). The ceiling is adorned quirkily with hoes and rakes, the tables are oil drums and you sit on mismatched chairs, with thick woollen blankets on the back. The entrance to the restaurant is in a tiny courtyard complete with trailing ivy and overgrown greenery. The overall impression is that you’ve wandered down to the end of the garden to find this cosy little hideaway.

The food at the Shed is absolute perfection. Everything is impeccably presented – I had to stop myself taking photographs of each course. And my little sustainability-loving heart swooned at the values that underlie everything this restaurant represents. They use home-grown, seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients and have a strict no-waste policy.

I started the meal with one of the ‘mouthfuls’ at the top of the menu – a burnt shallot macaroon. It tasted, as expected, like a delicious crispy onion. It was sweet and sharp – a little mouthful of joy.

We ordered lamb chips coated with lemon, parsley and harrisa, beef cigars in shed mustard and tarragon and roasted hake served with a lemon potato vinaigrette, sea greens, capers and dill oil.

As we finished ordering, I overheard a man at the next table say “the goats’ cheese here is TO DIE FOR.” My fear of missing out took over and we ordered it. When it arrived we were glad we’d believed the hype. The goats’ cheese pan fried with almonds and honey, was indeed delicious.

A perfect place for a cosy winter date or a Sunday lunch with friends.

Images courtesy of The Shed

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