Fab food with feel-good factor at Silo restaurant, bakery and coffee house in Brighton

Set up in the beautiful warehouse space of N39 in Brighton’s bustling North Laine area, Silo’s quiet, vibrant space is a perfect break away. I was so pleased that one of my favourite spaces was being used again.

The space is minimalist but warm. With clear light bulbs hanging down on black wires, plastic crates and reworked wooden furniture, you can see their ethos seeped into every detail. The clientele are a mix of families, friends doing lunch and people sipping on coffee whilst working behind their laptops.

They have a zero waste policy, so they use the coffee grounds to grow their own mushrooms and have a compost machine on site. But that’s not all! From milling their own flour, fermenting, composting, baking to making yoghurt, they do it all. It’s pretty impressive.

We just popped in for tea, coffee and cake. The coffee was great, earthy and nutty, and the chocolate nib cake is highly recommended! The neighbouring table had chosen the mushroom risotto and catchbox fish mains, which looked and smelt divine. We will be back for a proper lunch for sure.

Images by Rida Suleri-Johnson and courtesy of Silo

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