A superior coffee fix at Sugardough café just off the seafront in Hove

As all locals will know, there isn’t actually a decent café on Brighton and Hove seafront. So, next time you’re walking along the seafront, be sure to slip up the tiny street of St. Aubyns, near the King Alfred Centre, and head to Sugardough for a really good coffee.

Tucked away among a cluster of random amenities, this great little café is like a family kitchen. There’s always a friendly face serving from behind the old 1920s glass dresser, and a baker at the rear of the shop who is responsible for producing the most delicious organic pastries and bread; you’ll quite often be offered a croissant straight from the oven.

A lovely selection of cakes sit atop vintage mirrors and hundreds of cupcake cases are looped around the room – inspiring you to go home and bake for yourself… Until you have a reality check and just buy something for now and something for later!

The brilliant coffee has something to do with the fact the owner is originally from New Zealand. The staff effortlessly deliver the perfect cup every time. The strength is spot on and it is served piping hot in a lovely tall vintage tumbler. It’s a small thing, a cup of coffee, but if you have a good one, it can mean a lot, which is why I make a daily stop at Sugardough when out walking my dog on the seafront.

Image courtesy of Nige B on Flickr

About the Author

This lovely thing to do in East Sussex was kindly shared by Rosalie Hare – crafty mum and business woman, and lover of vintage cups of tea beside the sea. Rosalie runs The Crockery Cupboard – a vintage crockery hire company based in London.