Lara Hayward

  • Location: London

Lara is based in London where she works as a sports lawyer, combining it with her passion for  the outdoors and good food. As well as writing for TiYK, Lara blogs for the Resolution! Review, a showcase for new dance work at The Place in London, assists with marketing for the the Women’s Sports Network and used to blog for the Pushing Limits project – which involves supporting serial adventurer James Ketchell on his attempt to complete the ultimate round the world triathlon.

Lara loves discovering new places that are off on the beaten track, finding bargain vintage clothing on Ebay or in charity shops and doing lots of voluntary work (to date she’s helped out in a hospice, on a conservation project and at loads of charity events). She is most proud of completing the London 2 Paris cycle ride and then arranging a cycle ride off the back of it that raised over £10,000 for charity. She tends to also get overly chuffed with her homemade yorkshire puddings.

A few questions about nice things...

Who do you most admire?

Too many to mention but Chrissie Wellington, Kevin McCloud and Kate Rew spring to mind. Plus anyone else who has been able to use their love for the outdoors as part of an inspiring, creative career!

What are your favourite possessions?

My bike, my newly acquired vintage hat, my photos and my ever-growing library of books.

Tell us about your perfect day or weekend...

A huge breakfast of locally sourced food, followed by a mountain bike through the New Forest and a long hot bath to finish off!

What makes you happiest?

Cycling or running on woodland trails, meeting inspiring creative types, trying new wonderful places to eat  and catching up with my family (especially when I go home for my mum’s roast dinner!).

What would you like to do in the future?

Live by the sea, hopefully with a scruffy border terrier, surrounded by children’s books that I have somehow miraculously written.