Abigail Oliver

Abigail is currently based in Bristol with her little family of three, which serves as a good base for regular gallivanting opportunities. Travelling and adventuring are her true passions, and in her previous life (sans train obsessed two year old) she has been known to drop everything to go off and explore a new place or country.

She never goes anywhere without her camera and loves to create stories documenting the places she goes and the people she meets on her blog.

She adores a good old treasure hunt in a charity shop or at a car boot sale, and on Saturdays she works in a tearoom, serving up traditional high teas and sipping loose tea from bone china teacups!

A few questions about nice things...

Who do you most admire?

I’m not sure if there is any one person who I can say I admire the most. I admire most of my family and friends for different reasons. But I guess what I most admire is when people stand up for what they believe in, follow their passions and dreams and don’t give up easily.

What are your favourite possessions?

My old camera collection. It started many years ago and has grown and moved with me everywhere I’ve lived. My partner has added to it from his own camera collection, some I have picked up on my travels, others have been gifted to me and the rest have been found in charity shops. I like to look at them and wonder about their previous owners and what pictures and memories have been captured on them before they made their way into my home.

Tell us about your perfect day or weekend...

My perfect day would probably involve a last minute decision to go on an adventure, loading up the car with treats and music and driving somewhere either unknown or familiar. The journey itself would be breathtaking and we would stop the car to take in the view and snap a few photographs.

Upon arrival we would do some exploring, find a good place to eat a picnic and meet up with old friends. We’d spend the afternoon catching up, browsing in shops and cafes or just lazing around. In the evening we’d have someone take Theo off our hands so we could enjoy an amazing pub dinner and spend the evening reminiscing over some drinks and maybe partaking in a little dancing!

What makes you happiest?

My family. My friends. Travelling. Photography. Nature. Music and all things quintessentially English. Enjoying the simpler things in life.

What would you like to do in the future?

Travel more with my family and try and figure out how to get paid to do what I love!