Charlotte Varela

Charlotte is a Northern lass through and through, taking comfort in simple pleasures like pie and peas, cups of tea and huge breaths of fresh air. Having lived in Lancashire her entire life, she loves regaling friends, family and potential visitors to this little corner of the UK with tales of the lovely places that can be found.

Never more at home than when she is surrounded by green space and boundless wildlife, Charlotte can most often be found out and about with her camera, exploring the wilds and recuperating from a busy week of copywriting. But that isn’t to say she doesn’t enjoy a relaxing stint indoors just as much! Boasting a bedroom overflowing with books, DVDs, notebooks and vintage-inspired clothes, Charlotte is never short of something to curl up in a blanket with and loves nothing more than rummaging through vintage shops for hidden gems.

A few questions about nice things...

Who do you most admire?

Whenever I am asked who my ‘idol’ or ‘role model’ is, I always come back to Audrey Hepburn. As well as embodying an effortless elegance that many have tried and failed (myself included!) to emulate, she was completely beautiful inside too. She stood up for what she believed in even in the throes of her illness, taking action where so many people failed to. These are the qualities that I most admire in any person – unwavering tenacity, dedication and passion.

What are your favourite possessions?

I treasure some of the most seemingly insignificant things: a pheasants tail feather, train tickets from my happiest days, lovely cards from birthdays and milestones past. If I had to choose one thing to save in a fire though, it would definitely be a pair of dinosaurs that my late grandmother knitted for me when I was a youngster.

Tell us about your perfect day or weekend...

My perfect day would involve a heady mixture of delicious vegetarian food, cockle-warming loose leaf tea, quirky little shops, stunning surroundings and, of course, a wildlife sighting or two! I would be accompanied by my nearest and dearest; the friends from university that I don’t see anywhere near enough because of the physical distance between us.

What makes you happiest?

The company of my loved ones, laughing until I cry, spotting a timid bit of wildlife when I least expect it, cups of tea, all-consuming books and complete contentedness.

What would you like to do in the future?

I’d love to settle down with my boyfriend, in a little house alive with natural light and two cheeky, affectionate cats. It would have a writing room of course, with plenty of space for me to pen my latest novel and house my rapidly growing library.