Emma Howarth

Yorkshire-born Emma has made a career out of hunting down amazing places to eat, drink, relax and shop. She’s edited numerous travel and lifestyle guides for Time Out and has written about everything from interior design to inflatable pubs. Now based in Bristol (but a regular on the First Great Western service to Paddington), she writes freelance for various publications and is finishing her first novel.

A few questions about nice things...

Who do you most admire?

Too many people to name just one. For writing, Jeffery Eugenides. For style, Kate Moss. For making a difference, Camila Batmanghelidjh. And personally, my husband’s late-Greek grandmother whose story I’d love to write one day.

What are your favourite possessions?

It’s a bit of a cliché but my engagement ring – which was made for me by an amazing jeweller called Ben Day – and my Alice Temperley wedding dress. Oh, and all my photographs, especially the ones stashed in shoeboxes from the days before digital. I love those imperfect snapshots the most.

Tell us about your perfect day or weekend...

It’s got to start with a lie-in, right? Then eggs florentine for breakfast (definitely made by someone else), time to read a huge pile of magazines, a sunny stroll, maybe a trip to an amazing cheese shop, several glasses of rosé with my best friends in a newly-discovered and incredibly cool beer garden somewhere…And if I made it past the rosé stage, I’d probably end the day on the sofa at home in Bristol watching one of the huge back catalogue of films I haven’t managed to see since I had kids.

What makes you happiest?

Writing, friends and the comedy goldmine that is listening in on any conversation between my two pre-school daughters.

What would you like to do in the future?

I’ve been writing a novel for nearly a decade (typing that makes it seem even worse, somehow!) and I’ve decided enough is enough: I’d like the (very near) future to hold a completed manuscript. My husband has also signed me up for a half marathon but I am pretending that isn’t happening.