Hannah Needham

Hannah lives in the leafy borough of Wandsworth with her lovely husband Jim and daughter Matilda. Trained as a lawyer, she left the city to join forces with co-founder Rebecca and launched This is Your Kingdom in June 2010. As a result of lots of hard work and the help of some very special people (School for Creative Startups, Time Out’s Tony Elliott and TiYK’s fabulous team of writers,) the website become a trusted place for people to share and celebrate new discoveries, great delights, simple pleasures and special gems, the very best the UK has to offer.

When Hannah’s not got her head buried in her laptop, she can mostly be found pedalling the London streets on her bicycle, rummaging in local car-boot sales for vintage china and exploring the streets of Clapham to discover nice places for tea and cake.

A few questions about nice things...

Who do you most admire?

Ooh too many to list… my parents, brothers, my husband Jim. I admire people who strive for success and overcome adversity to achieve their goals in life. It’s good to wake up each morning and feel inspired.

What are your favourite possessions?

I love personal gifts with history that mark a moment in time – an engraved ring given to me by my husband on our wedding day, my mum’s vintage shoes and handbags, and a beautiful painting by Claire Fletcher given to me by Mum and Dad on my 30th birthday. I also have an old trunk that’s kept under the bed in our spare room and is full of things I’ve collected over the years; old family photographs, occasion cards from people dear to me, notes from school, old wedding or birthday invitations, tickets to memorable events and other random bits and bobs.

Tell us about your perfect day or weekend...

This is a time for us to regroup as a family – catch up on sleep, rest, eat good food and spend quality time together. Long leisurely brunches at home, garden pottering, rising early to catch the best finds at our local car-boot, walks on the beach… are just a few of my favourite things to do at the weekend. I have just enforced a ‘no mobile phone sunday’ rule as it terrifies me how much time we all waste not being present in the moment. This serves as a good reminder to enjoy every moment as it’s often the little things we’d otherwise miss out on that become those we treasure the most.

What makes you happiest?

I am most content when spending time with Jim, our daughter Matilda and our families and friends. Christmas in Devon is pretty special. On a more menial basis, I firmly believe you cannot beat the adrenalin rush of a good car-boot.

What would you like to do in the future?

For This is Your Kingdom to continue going from strength to strength and become the trusted place to share and discover the best of the UK. And for all those dear to me to lead a happy and healthy life.

Image taken by the wildly talented Xanthe Berkeley taken during our time at Sisterhood Camp.