Jeska Hearne

Passionate about styling and anything handmade, Jeska is the writer of Lobster and Swan and owner of sustainable lifestyle store The Future Kept. She grew up and still lives on the magnificent East Sussex coast where visits to nearby historical towns and National Trust parks have strengthened the strong passion Jeska has for past and bygone eras.

Interior styling obsessed since happy childhood days spent playing in her treasure filled wendy house, Jeska has a daily desire to make our surroundings a happier, more beautiful place. By taking pleasure in the simple joys of everyday life and the theatre and wonder of some things that may be out of our reach but are delightful never the less.

A few questions about nice things...

Who do you most admire?

I always seem to be most moved by the life, style and elegance of heroines from decades past or characters from old books: Grace Kelly, Anais Nin, Daisy from The Great Gatsby, Vianne from Chocolat, this could easily turn into a very long list . . .

What are your favourite possessions?

A collection of old black and white family photos of my parents as children, and grandparents and great grandparents in all their Sunday best. My engagement ring. One of my favourite  posts is about the 12 things that mean the most to me in our home.

Tell us about your perfect day or weekend...

My perfect day would start with the ritual of making a fresh ground coffee from scratch, then curling up with our two cats and reading the latest edition of Kinfolk magazine for a while. I might then spend the day creating things at home, or go out and explore a new place with my husband. I am crazy about historical towns and National Trust houses and gardens.

What makes you happiest?

Spending time with my husband and our two naughty cats, and anything that sparkles!

What would you like to do in the future?

My dream is to one day open a boutique bed and breakfast somewhere in rural East Sussex.