Jessica Trent

Jessica grew up in Cambridge. Now living in the heart of Ely, a tiny Cathedral city north Cambridgeshire, she & her husband, Ross have a gift for turning houses into homes. Lovingly renovating 4 in the past decade, they are settling to focus on their growing cabinet making business. Jess’ blog: The Cabinet Maker’s Love Tale is an organic extension of their collaboration, exploring creative self expression & the home.

A few questions about nice things...

Who do you most admire?

David Hockney. He encourages us to see things in our own way. Spending his entire career looking and seeing things from all sorts of perspectives, i admire his passion, tenacity, gentle approach and brilliance with colour. Above all, he inspires me with his deceptive simplicity!

What are your favourite possessions?

Anything with a story, like Ross’ handmade furniture, {amongst it all, our bed is probably the most precious} the leather arm chair we got as a wedding gift, art work {a mix of our own, and prints and originals from friends/favourite artists} We also love seasonal treasures collected from the beach/walks, but I tend to part with those sorts of things easily…I find it makes way for fresh new additions.

Tell us about your perfect day or weekend...

Waking up to sunlight, pottering downstairs in pyjamas, the back door open to our garden, cups of coffee, eggs, maple syrup on something yummy ..then a quick whizz up to a cloudy north Norfolk coast, collecting shells, splashing in the shallows. I’d probably throw in a lunch/dinner somewhere really fancy…I love the simple things but I have a huge soft spot for splurging on good food & surroundings too!

What makes you happiest?

Light. Indoors, or outside…soft light, bright sunlight, its all a magical energy that does wonders for the soul. I adore those rays of sunshine you get through the clouds {especially here in the Fens, where with all the flat land, the skies stretch out for miles}. I adore twinkly fairy lights, whether strung up in the garden for summer or draped around the home at christmas…lights of the city, starlit skies, fireworks, candles, early morning sun, all of it makes me happy.

What would you like to do in the future?

Our dream is to build our own home, somewhere we fall in love with. We love short magical bursts of escape, and don’t stray far from the nest for long. Ideally we will both continue to work from home…we are both creative and thrive when we feel nourished in the places we work and live.