Laura Pashby

Having spent fourteen happy years living in Bristol, Laura moved to a small town in the Cotswolds, where she now lives with her husband and three young sons. Laura is a freelance writer, lifestyle photographer, and the deputy editor of 91 Magazine. She also has a serious Instagram addiction! In her rare free moments, you will probably find her knitting, baking, or with her head in a book. She has a penchant for vintage cameras and love experimenting with analogue film. Laura shares her photographs and snippets of her life on her blog.

A few questions about nice things...

Who do you most admire?

People I have known who have faced adversity or tragedy with dignity and hope. Anyone who follows their dreams and makes them a reality. My granny, who was kind, incredibly wise and always ready to giggle.

What are your favourite possessions?

I recently inherited my granny’s Welsh gold wedding ring, which is extremely precious to me because it reminds me of one of the most important women in my life. I also love my necklace made by jewellery designer Silverpebble, which my husband commissioned for our wedding anniversary. It features a vintage silver teapot, and an exquisitely tiny silver teacup and teaspoon.

Lastly, my cameras. My digital camera is a Canon 7d, which I adore but I also have an Olympus Trip, which was my very first camera, given to me by my parents on my 15th birthday. It still works perfectly and shooting in analogue is a unique pleasure.

Tell us about your perfect day or weekend...

Although I am a relatively recent convert to camping, I am head-over-heels with our Bell Tent. My perfect weekend would involve: glorious sunshine; a campsite by the sea; my husband and my boys. I am never happier than when I am on the beach. An ideal day would include treasure hunting for shells and sea glass, building a sandcastle with the boys, a picnic lunch, flying a kite and paddling in the sea. I’d definitely take my camera along too. A beach barbecue or fish and chip supper and then hot chocolate for the boys and a glass of wine for us would round off the day nicely.

What makes you happiest?

My family. A kitchen disco with my boys. Supper out with my husband. An unexpected posy of flowers. Good friends and long conversations. A quiet moment to curl up with a book. Sunshine.

What would you like to do in the future?

I’m currently juggling a multitude of freelance work whilst being at home with my youngest. When he starts school next year (sob!), I’m looking forward to having time to work on my various projects. I find that I’m increasingly interested in food styling and photography, so I’d rather like the opportunity to develop that further.

Image courtesy of Nick Chaplin