Tamara Heber-Percy

Tamara is the co-founder of Mr & Mrs Smith, a collection of boutique hotels; and Smith & Family, a brand-new hotel collection that actively encourages children staying while offering something special for parents too.

She lives in leafy Chiswick with her husband James (co-founder of Mr & Mrs Smith) and two children. Much of her time is spent seeking out new hotels to join the Smith family so is lucky to travel frequently as part of the job.

She loves seeking out hidden gems to recommend to her friends, whether it’s a new cafe or bakery just around the corner from her home or a great little restaurant with a beach view in Ibiza.

Tamara Heber-Percy

A few questions about nice things...

Who do you most admire?

Rosita Missoni. Her vision is incredible – she’s transformed Missoni into a lifestyle brand spanning fashion, interiors and hotels across the world. She has a great eye for detail and as a businesswoman is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

What are your favourite possessions?

A picture from South Africa in my house, my coffee machine and my Mulberry leather weekend bag because it fits everything in it! Also my Lily and Lionel scarf which is the most versatile piece of clothing in my wardrobe.

Tell us about your perfect day or weekend...

It would be a family day out with my husband James and the children. I love London, especially the area near my home in Chiswick, so it would probably be wandering around Chiswick House and Gardens, a peaceful green spot in the city. We often pick up coffee from Gail’s so we’d pack a picnic and head down to the riverside – it’s as simple as that! You really can’t beat some quality family time.

What makes you happiest?

Exploring. Whether it’s a city I’ve never been to before or a paradise island in the middle of nowhere, the feeling that you’re discovering something new is unbeatable. Travelling will never become tiresome for me because the thrill of finding a quirky new hotel never gets old. My family also makes me extremely happy; they’re my support network and I love coming home after a busy day at work to the children, who are definitely a great distraction!

What would you like to do in the future?

Having spent ten years visiting and reviewing hotels, James and I would love to turn gamekeeper and set up our own. It would be a natural progression from Mr & Mrs Smith and a really exciting project for both of us, although it will be nerve-wracking to have the tables turned and our hotel under scrutiny…