Editorial policy

The content of each newsletter is largely editorial and at the discretion of the editor. It will contain a range of niceties, handpicked according to our guiding principles on the basis that they are lovely things you should know about.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the things and places we feature will remain as lovely as they were when we found them. Do remember to consider the publishing date of each article when choosing what to see and do. If you are disappointed, please do contact us so we can act accordingly. This way, we can ensure our high standards are not compromised.

No one can pay to be featured in the editorial sections of our newsletter… and we do not accept bribes in the form of cake or shoes. From time to time we may include sponsored posts or send out dedicated sponsored emails which will be clearly marked as such. These are paid for by advertising partners, each handpicked to ensure they align with our tone and style, as well as being things we love and think you’d like to hear about.

Without our partners we’d be unable to continue our work ‘flying the flag’ for the UK and we are very grateful for their support. If you’d like to find out more about advertising on our site and newsletter please get in touch to request a copy of our Media Kit.

Our team will endeavour to deliver your newsletters on a monthly basis. However, in order to maintain our standards you may, on occasion, not receive this, if we feel we simply do not have a suitably lovely thing to share with you. In order to prevent this from happening please do continue to share your favourite things with us!